7:30am, Saturday, May 12th, 2018

Ft. Lauderdale Color Run

Color Run Ft. Lauderdale

Color Run Ft. Lauderdale
Color Run Ft. Lauderdale

Color Run

This was our first Color Run…had little idea of what to expect…except it could be colorful and for cameras, a bit worrisome. Actually, as it turned out, I was more concerned about the foam machines sending clumps of bubbles up into the breeze. Amazingly large crowd of Happy runners and spectators…and the color toss was certainly a highlight.

I’m getting used to having a slightly pink camera!

Update to A Group Portrait

Never fails that when you have a group of very busy executives, somebody is not available for the company group portrait. It happens, and we just have to be ready to roll and adjust as necessary. No problem!

It’s vital that the lighting style and placement match when adding an individual, or two, into a scene. This is not for the faint hearted and can be tricky.

We recently performed a little magic for our good clients Searcy, Denney P.A. in West Palm Beach. See if you can find the “adjustments”.

Executive Group Portrait
Formal partner group portrait created for Searcy, Denney, P.A., West Palm Beach, Florida.

Tyvek Coveralls Today!

Today, our dress for work was head to toe, Tyvek.

Ready for the clean room…hair net, surgical mask, safety glasses and white lab coat, first set of airlock doors…step on sticky floor pads before putting on shoe covers, second set of airlock doors…remove lab coat, full Tyvek coveralls,  Tyvek knee high booties, second hair net and not one, BUT two layers of latex gloves…I wear a size 8…and before all that, alcohol hand cleanser.  Oh, and then once the gloves are on and you are all set..lets do more alcohol hand sanitizer. Talk about claustrophobia! Then we have to set up “cleaned” lights and cameras, computers, etc…somehow we made it happen. Cleanest images I ever made!

Thanks to Andi Mereuta, my faithful and fully trusting assistant today. I told her to shower as soon as she got home, don’t touch anyone for 48 hours and if you see a red rash call the client. We both wanted to do the selfie more than the project! Just another day at the office!

Dressed for the Cleanroom
Larry Gatz and Andi Mereuta dressed for the clean room.

Ginger & Woody Kahn Family Portrait

Kahn Family Portrait
Ginger & Woody Kahn, Jett & Myles, family portrait.

Family portraiture is not my usual stick…but for friends and family, I’ll make exceptions, especially if dogs are involved.

This was a quickie…Myles, the younger Bouvier des Flandres, was a bit unsure of the flash. Myles was good for about three takes and that was it…enough of this posing stuff! Fortunately, one photo is all that we needed to create a terrific family portrait.  A fun project and destined for a large print to grace Woody’s entry way!

Happy Anniversary!

Where were you on August 21st, 2017?

Solar Eclipse
2017, August 21st Total Solar Eclipse


What a hoot! I had the opportunity to be in the center of the country at the epicenter of the total solar eclipse as the moon shadow crossed the country. This was a unique experience to share with my siblings, their spouses, nephews and friends. Thanks to my sisters Terry and Marian for having a good friend with a beautiful farm south of St. Louis that was aligned with the eclipse path of totality. Thanks also to my brother Mark for driving me around and hanging in the heat with me.

Thanks to Facebook Messenger, we were able to share the experience with other family members seeing the eclipse from various points across the country, Washington, California, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Mindy in Miami. This Total Eclipse was all it was supposed to be! A Grand Spectacle!

A Birth Announcement in 1926

In 1926, my grandmother sent out a birth announcement heralding my father’s birth. It was very classic, white stationary, little blue bow, script.Recently my sister was going through old papers at my mother’s and she came upon this birth announcement…none of us had seen it or even knew the birth announcement existed. Surprise!
But that’s not all, nor is that the significance of this discovery!
Oh, no, there’s more to this story!
Eighty years after my father’s birth,  my graphic designer, Raelene Mercer, comes up with a new logo and branding for my photography business. She selects a type style she feels is cool, one that captures my energy and creative imagination.Check this out…note the type style…look at the “G” and the “z” in particular. Yep, very, very close. What we are seeing is a type font evolving over 80 years. A strikingly similar type face was used for my father’s birth announcement in 1926. Coincidence? Or providence? Or just plain freaky!
I was drawn to the branding, the logo immediately…who knew?
Now I know why….