Professionalism and the Opportunity to Rise Above

No matter what your chosen career, your area of expertise, there is a certain level of competence you are expected to demonstrate.  Among the qualities closely associated with the concept of “professional” might be consistency and where appropriate, creativity in performing ones particular skill set. Often referred to as being “in the groove”; that place […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

One of my favorite images from Bali.  I’ve been waiting for Valentine’s Day to make use of this beauty.  Makes a terrific card for someone special. Background info: everyday in the Hindu religion, people make offerings.  These are usually small arrangements of flowers placed outside their doors. Larger offerings of fruit and flowers are taken […]

And So It Begins….

I grew up in cotton farm country. When I was very young, 5 or 6, I would wake at dawn, get dressed and leave the house. Alone. Hard to imagine allowing a young child out alone that early today, I guess it was another time. I would wander around the fields doing nothing in particular, […]