A Birth Announcement in 1926

In 1926, my grandmother sent out a birth announcement heralding my father’s birth. It was very classic, white stationary, little blue bow, script.Recently my sister was going through old papers at my mother’s and she came upon this birth announcement…none of us had seen it or even knew the birth announcement existed. Surprise!
But that’s not all, nor is that the significance of this discovery!
Oh, no, there’s more to this story!
Eighty years after my father’s birth,  my graphic designer, Raelene Mercer, comes up with a new logo and branding for my photography business. She selects a type style she feels is cool, one that captures my energy and creative imagination.Check this out…note the type style…look at the “G” and the “z” in particular. Yep, very, very close. What we are seeing is a type font evolving over 80 years. A strikingly similar type face was used for my father’s birth announcement in 1926. Coincidence? Or providence? Or just plain freaky!
I was drawn to the branding, the logo immediately…who knew?
Now I know why….


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