New Work on ASMP Find A Photographer

Updated my ASMP Find A Photographer profile with a few new images today. Check it out: After hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamians last week, I thought posting my friend “Fred” would be appropriate. Yes, Fred is Jamaican and not Bahamian, but he’s as close as I have to an island friend. We haven’t heard […]

Where were you on August 21st, 2017?

  What a hoot! I had the opportunity to be in the center of the country at the epicenter of the total solar eclipse as the moon shadow crossed the country. This was a unique experience to share with my siblings, their spouses, nephews and friends. Thanks to my sisters Terry and Marian for having […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

One of my favorite images from Bali.  I’ve been waiting for Valentine’s Day to make use of this beauty.  Makes a terrific card for someone special. Background info: everyday in the Hindu religion, people make offerings.  These are usually small arrangements of flowers placed outside their doors. Larger offerings of fruit and flowers are taken […]

And So It Begins….

I grew up in cotton farm country. When I was very young, 5 or 6, I would wake at dawn, get dressed and leave the house. Alone. Hard to imagine allowing a young child out alone that early today, I guess it was another time. I would wander around the fields doing nothing in particular, […]