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Courvoisier Centre, Brickell Key, Miami, Florida
Courvoisier Centre, Brickell Key, Miami, Florida

I am often asked to provide building portraits to be used in leasing activities. Very often the surrounding areas are not as visually interesting as the subject property. In this case, the photographer has a problem to solve, how to show the subject and minimize the surrounding properties…or at least make the surrounding area more appealing.

I like to take two views of any property, the first, relatively close to the subject to negate any negatives associated with the surroundings. Find a good vantage point and create the image, usually showing the front entrance. The second view is from a distance, looking at the subject property from afar, again, thus negating any surrounding elements.

A third possibility is to photograph the subject property at dusk/dawn when the natural shadowing will help to hide any surrounding detail. This technique works especially well when the building is well illuminated. Having a busy street in the foreground, as seen in this image, helps to add visual interest. This image was commissioned by Tishman Spreyer/New York, the building owner.

If you have a property that you would like to see captured in a well done, professional portrait, please give me a call.
I’ll make your building look great! www.larrygatz.com

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Larry earned a Bachelors degree from Brooks Institute, majoring in Advertising Photography and his MFA in Photography from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. With more than 30 years of professional experience producing imagery for advertising, corporate annual reports and personal art projects, Larry’s work has been represented worldwide by The Image Bank, Getty Images, since 1987. Active in professional trade associations, Larry is a past President, Treasurer and Director of ASMP South Florida, former vice-president/treasurer, International Board of Directors for StockArtistsAlliance (SAA). During 2010-2012, Larry served as Academic Director for a college photography program in Austin, Texas. He has been involved in photography education since 2004; a member of the Society for Photographic Education. Currently an adjunct professor at three South Florida Colleges. Miami has been his home for the past 20+ years. Always adventurous, Larry enjoys international travel, SCUBA diving, sailing, his BMW motorcycle.